Our Flowers

British flowers grown in Huddersfield, Yorkshire for weddings and events. 


Our Flowers at the nurtured stem

We are very lucky to have our own well stocked gardens here at The Nurtured Stem. The gardens are the heart and soul behind the business, and we would not or could not be without them!!

Our plants are raised from seeds, cuttings, bulbs and tubers and are nurtured throughout the seasons. Each season brings something new and interesting to the table and keeps our wedding and event design work fresh and interesting.

Our roses not only look good but also smell great, and there is nothing we love more than to incorporate our own grown seasonal fruit and vegetables within our designs too.

We grow beautiful flowers throughout the seasons, using protection as required, but also encouraging as much wildlife into the gardens as possible. We believe that by keeping our plants as healthy and strong as possible, they are less prone to attack and more able to fight off pests and disease.

We enjoy the characteristics of all the plants we grow, and not only embrace, but also encourage a bendy stem, which we incorporate with great pleasure into our natural, loose wedding and event flower designs.

We love the British seasons and all that they bring. Nothing stays the same for long and the continuous change in availability, feeds creativity.